Frank C. Greider MS, DDS, PC  ·  Prosthodontics, Houston Texas

Meet Our Hygienist

Dr. Greider's philosophy of patient care begins with a healthy mouth. His practice offers a dental maintenance program that is supervised by his experienced hygienist Julie. Please meet Dr. Greider's hygienist Julie.

Julie has resided in the Houston area since 1994. She graduated from the Coleman College of Science in 2014 and is experienced in the latest dental hygiene techniques. Julie enjoys reading and exploring genealogy. She is a mother of two children, a 17 year old son and a 23 year old daughter.

Together Dr. Greider and Julie will partner with patients to offer them the opportunity to achieve and maintain good oral health.

During your dental hygiene appointment you will receive:

  • Oral screening for any signs of oral cancer
  • Screening for gum and bone disease (lesions, lumps or swelling)
  • Necessary digital radiographs which offers up to 90% less radiation then traditional film xrays
  • Removal of any plaque build-up on your teeth with manual scaling and dental equipment assisted techniques where indicated
  • Polishing of your teeth for ultimate plaque removal to leave your teeth with bright shining enamel
  • Any necessary application of decay fighting treatments that help strengthen your teeth

Julie is available Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

Julie standing in office

Dr. Frank C. Greider is waiting to meet you and your family and provide you with the dental care you deserve!